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The Flag Project 

2019 - Ongoing

After France's World Cup win, questions arose about Africa's role, given that over 80% of the French team had immigrant backgrounds. Among the 23 players, 20 had immigrant ties, with 14 having African roots. The victory spotlighted the indispensable contribution of immigrants. Various entities, including France and the players' origin countries, vied for recognition. Online, some posts adorned athletes with the French flag, while others highlighted their home nations.

Amidst the debates, I pondered the players' sentiments: to which nation or culture do they truly belong? Where does their loyalty lie? I thought about myself and my personal history of immigration. Which flag am I most comfortable attaching myself to? Is there a flag that exists for me? These wonders prompted the framework for this project which is as follows:

🚩️Do people identify with the flags automatically attached to them? (in regards to nationality,  statehood, sexuality and gender identity?

🚩️ What symbols do folks claim?

🚩️  If people could design a flag to reflect their individuality….what would it look like?

So far, this project has 11 interviews and 11 responding flags.

Rene Trevino

Rachel Ndubusi

Carmen Johns

Cat Gunn

Sadia Hassan

Marie Amegah